Here’s a brief overview and tour of JDL Development’s newest project.

On today’s episode of “Financing the American Dream,” I’m joined by James D. Letchinger, the founder and CEO of JDL Development. We’ll take a look at JDL’s newest development and discuss what makes it special.

Right now, JDL Development is working on a special space in downtown Chicago. Located right at State and Chicago Ave., this land was recently listed by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Its location is fantastic, so there was a pretty hectic bidding war for it. Even though JDL is a smaller, more boutique developer, their passion for the project shined through, and they were able to secure the lot.

JDL’s passion shows through in the design of their building, too. The first 10 floors of the complex will be home to different business and public spaces, including a Whole Foods, Life Time Fitness, restaurant, banquet space, office space, and more. Every building they’ve developed since 2011 has been within a half-mile radius of this space, and **the care they bring to their projects is undeniable. **

“James’ passion shines through in every aspect of his newest project.”

Meanwhile, floors 11 through 42 are dedicated to apartments. These apartments are large and cutting edge. Everything is cell phone-based; earlier, I saw James’ son enter an apartment using his smartwatch! The view is also incredible. The apartments are right across from the historic Holy Name Cathedral, and you get a great view of the Chicago skyline. If you have a fast-paced, downtown lifestyle, these apartments might be your perfect home in the sky. 

For James, it’s important not to make the same old cookie-cutter apartment you see all over the city. You can feel the intimacy he brings to his projects in how the dinner table is central to all of his living spaces. When families are growing up, the dinner table is the best place to get together and appreciate each other’s company, so James wants to make sure every one of his projects can accommodate your evening meals.

I would like to thank James once again for talking with me today. It’s a unique space, and I think it will be a great addition to Chicago. If you have any real estate-related questions, please reach out to me via phone or email. I am always willing to talk.