Grant Cardone joins me for this episode of “Financing the American Dream.”

What does it take to have the right mindset in your personal life and the business world? For the latest episode of “Financing the American Dream,” I’m visiting Grant Cardone of Cardone Capital to answer that very question. 

What’s Grant’s version of the American Dream? He just wants to reach his potential. It’s not about cars, planes, money, etc. It’s about how he can make a difference. He’s inspired by so many people, and with everything changing so quickly with new technology and new opportunities, it’s an exciting time to be alive. 

What I see in Grant’s office is that people can harness the power within themselves. How does he inspire these people every day? In his words, the only thing he can give anyone is an example. Before the Discovery Channel approached him to do “Undercover Billionaire,” he’d already been inspiring people for 35 years, but when they asked him to turn $100 into a million-dollar business without using his name, he only had one question: When do we start?

In those three months, he didn’t have to lecture or teach anybody. They just had to watch what he did. That is to say, he walks into an office and sets an example. People see him show up every day—Saturdays and Sundays included. He sets the example, and people decide whether to emulate that or do their own thing.

“What I see in Grant’s office is that people can harness the power within themselves.”

I can certainly identify with this. For me, it’s important to show up and be truthful in what you’re doing. People will come out of the woodwork and say, “Wait a minute—you went through that?” It’s inspired others to join my team, whether that means business or friendship.

What are some of the coolest relationships Grant’s been able to establish with action? According to him, the social media that exists today (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is a one-way flow to the audience, and that’s not a fair exchange. Relationships are created when there’s a two-way exchange, or a three-way exchange, or six or seven people talking about one thing. He’s learned how to use these mechanisms as channels to communicate with people. 

On “Undercover Billionaire,” he didn’t worry about the money; he worried about the people. He was accumulating people throughout the show. A job is one thing, but people represent the expansion to whatever you want. For whatever you want in life, the opportunity lies in the connections you make with people. 

How does someone like me continue to inspire people and do what I love doing?

“A lot of people are going to disagree with me on this, but I don’t think it’s the story,” he says. “I don’t think what happened to you, what you went through, is the play. So for me, the theme, the thing I’m doing now, is more important to me than what happened to me then. That’s why I want a new story. I want to be an example of not that—of what I can create and build that’s positive, to make a difference for the better.”

I’ve said throughout the process of this show that if we’re talking about real estate, people are the real estate. When we invest in those people, that’s when we get the greatest returns, because people will come to where they feel like they’re appreciated. You can tell that people are appreciated at Cardone Capital. 

If you have questions about any of the topics we discussed in today’s video, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’d love to speak with you.