Here’s a clip from my conversation with Realtor Justin Pillion.

Today I want to share a conversation I had with agent Justin Pillion about the real estate industry. We talked about hiring new agents, the emotional side of working with clients, and how to demonstrate value to new clients. 

When Justin is looking for a new agent to hire, he admits that he’s biased toward veterans. As a veteran himself, he knows what type of mental fortitude it takes to make it in the military. This type of strength is essential in real estate. One time, Justin hired an empathetic person to round out his business. He thought this person would be able to connect with clients on a personal level, but they never got to that point because they weren’t willing to put in the work. 

Real estate can be a tough business sometimes. No one wants to tell their client that the bathroom carpet they’re so attached to is hurting their bottom line, but it’s part of the job. Buying or selling a home is an inherently emotional process; it’s the agent’s job to help take some of those emotions out of the decision-making process. 

“Real estate can be a tough business sometimes.”

Whether clients are looking for a place to live or an investment property, real estate is a great way to secure your future. When Justin explains this to his clients, he has to demonstrate his value upfront. Without a prior relationship, technical information is the best way to provide value for new clients. From there, he lets them know that their job is to find a home they love and want to live in, while his job is to make sure that buying this house is a sound financial decision. 

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