Realtor Mike Zapart invited us to share why we’re his team’s preferred lender.

We’re honored to be the preferred lender for Mike Zapart and his real estate team; they do a phenomenal job in our busy Chicago market. Recently, Mike invited us to help explain the benefits from our partnership, and how they are vital to a successful transaction.

We thought we would share this video with you so you can see how preferred Lender relationships matter so much in the real estate world. For example, by working closely with us, Mike Zapart’s team is routinely able to deliver the best customer service with; great communication, closing on time and ensuring their clients get a mortgage loan tailored to their needs and goals.

Those perks are important because right now is an excellent time to take a look at your mortgage, whether you’re considering a refi, just looking at your mortgage position, or thinking about buying a home. Rates are exceptional! There has NEVER been a better time to have a trusted resource for all your Mortgage needs!

“With a preferred lender, Realtors can offer extra discounts and better loan structures for their buyers.”

Contact us TODAY to see if you’re in the best Loan program and rate for you and your family! If not, we will get you there!

A Realtor’s job is to help you through the real estate process from home search to under contract on your new property. Our job is to get you in a great starting position (through the preapproval process) to shop with confidence….for the property of your dreams! That’s why Mike Zapart and his team count on us time and time again.

If you have a lender relationship already but looking for a better, more efficient way to deliver UNBELIEVABLE customer service? 

The Stonehaven Mortgage family is here to help you….and WE’RE REALLY GOOD AT IT! 😊 We look forward to talking with you soon!

Call us anytime for all your real estate and mortgage loan questions, we have your back!